The Protagonist of P5


every class is art class if you dont care enough


hello! im re-opening commissions since i am back from con!


a portrait of your character/fanart, you can tell me to draw any flower you want just please tell me in the email! these were originally made as bookmarks so yours will be done in the same size as well. if you want the hi-res file so you can print it yourself, you can write that too in the email and ill send it to you.


they will be done in full color, just like the samples. if you want me to add simple background (like shapes, patterns, anything that isnt too complex) please say so! simple backgrounds are free and im not too comfortable with doing backgrounds that are too can choose bust or waist up for this art style.


they will be done in a much simpler style + full color. simple backgrounds and stuff like that are also free, just tell me what kind of bg you want!

  • slots unlimited while open.
  • no nsfw/mecha.
  • i have the rights to decline any commissions if i feel like im not comfortable enough with drawing it. we can discuss everything via email, so just ask!
  • fanarts/original OK! please provide me with enough reference pictures so it’ll be much easier for me to draw them.
  • no additional characters for now.
  • payment via paypal only.
  • email me at if you are interested!

thank you so much for looking, you can talk to me via email to talk about the details and stuff. reblogs are also appreciated, thanks again!


either you put this many questions marks ???????????? or you put none




 すっきりした色にしたかった クロさん


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